Model: QDS0001

DECKSPACER™ from QUIKLII™ is a unique patent pending design spacer made from a UV-stable plastic that not only locks the decking boards in place during installation, but also maintains a uniform gap between boards at the joist locations and helps to protect the deck sub-frame.

  • Save time and cost during installation;
  • Achieve a trade quality result;
  • Protect and preserve your investment

Product Range

DECKSPACER™ from QUIKLII™ is available in a number of different package quantities to cater for your specific project requirements. Some retailers may not stock all options. Check with your local retailer for package options.

The table provided is an approximate guide only. The actual product quantity requirement will depend on board size and joist spacing. The coverage information provided in this table is based upon a board width of 90mm and a joist spacing of 450mm with a usage rate of approximately 25 DECKSPACERS per square metre of decking.

Package TypeBlister PacketSmall BucketLarge BucketTrade Box
QUIKLII™ Product CodeDSBL40025DSBK40250DSBK40500DSBX41400
Package Barcode9 319841 5110119 319841 5110359 319841 5110429 319841 511059
Package Contents25 units250 units500 units1400 units
Approximate Coverage1m210m220m256m2


DIY Product Installation Guide

A specific page is provided for the DIY installer - please check out the DIY Guide page for further information.

Product Literature

For your convenience (.pdf) versions of product literature available in store are provided here for download:

Product Testimonials

"We have had the DECKSPACER in since our deck was built in 2013. Because it was a new product we watched with interest how it would go over time. It has served its purpose beautifully. Not only is it durable and unobtrusive, it has clearly ensured that the boards remain equally in place, despite very high heat and the occasional rain drenching in Western Australia. The best news for us though, is that the deck spacers make our deck so much easier to maintain. The leaves, dust, dirt & our beagle dog hair just fall right off; nothing is caught between the boards. Cleaning and oiling is so much easier. We very much enjoy spending time in our outdoor space and the deck spacer definitely contributes to that enjoyment. Thank you!"  Hannah (Perth, WA)

"We have utilised the DECKSPACER product in our past few decking jobs. We found the system to be very efficient time wise - it has cut our installation time dramatically.  I have also been back to some of the jobs to check up on them and it certainly appears that we do not have any bowing of the boards and they are still sitting perfectly straight with the same 4mm gap in between each board. I highly recommend the DECKSPACER to other tradespeople and will continue to use them myself."  Daryl (Perth, WA)

"Just thought I would send you some photos of a 4.5m wide deck I have just put down. The DECKSPACER did everything we hoped they would! I had another chippy installing while I was selecting and cutting the boards – he says they are great too! The real winner on a deck this long (10m) is the gun-barrel straight gaps which are usually hard to achieve on a run of that length. Also, we started at the outer and worked back to the house – we never once parallel checked (which we would normally do after every 6 boards) – and when we got back to the house wall we were within 2mm accuracy over the full 10m long run! You wouldn’t get that result without using the DECKSPACER! Anyhow, I just thought I would let you know how successful they have been."  Adam (Perth, WA)

"I used the spacers on a 14m x 4m deck built on a steel sub-structure. (Posts, beams & Joists were powder coated steel). The decking was merbau hardwood screwed to the steel joists. The spacers did their job and kept the rubbish from between the decking and the joists. They also made lining up bent planks a bit easier because they were a uniform width."  Greg (Sydney, NSW)

"We did approximately 100m2 using the DECKSPACER and they are still doing the job they were designed for after 3 years which we are very pleased with. Since doing my own deck I have done a deck for a friend of 80m2 and he was glad we used them as it saved him from having to paint his entire timber frame!"  Kevin (Perth, WA)

"These things are great! It's a bit harder using spotted gum as opposed to the treated pine. They are essential as they clip in easy and stay in place while wrestling the more intractable hard woods. The end result was millimetre accuracy over the width of 32 runs. I still have another deck to do and for the sake of a couple of hundred dollars on a $2,000 job it would be plain stupid to not use them - the results speak for themselves!"  George (Sydney, NSW)

"The DECKSPACERs were great at making a two-man job easy for one person and with fewer tools. Very easy to use and the deck looks great with even spacing all over. Seeing I had 65m2 to install I was very grateful to have the help of the DECKSPACER product."  Kym (Melbourne, VIC)

Additional video testimonials are provided in the Video Gallery section below.

Product Quality Assurance

QUIKLII™ have undertaken 4 years of product testing with multiple installations in a range of geographical locations within Australia and New Zealand. The product has been independently laboratory tested in Australia and regular third party certification testing is undertaken at the origin of manufacture.

Important Information

Decking boards are spaced to accommodate seasonal movement of the timber. Decking boards will expand in width during winter as the moisture content increases, therefore decreasing the gap between the boards. Adequately spacing boards will ensure that a gap is maintained to allow water to drain freely and prevent the boards from meeting which is likely to cause cupping.

The size of the gap required will depend on the species (hardwood or softwood), the decking board width, and the moisture content of the timber at the time of construction. The gap width however should not be too great that it presents a trip hazard.

The recommendations given by QUIKLII™ with respect to the most likely board spacing appropriate for the width of decking board utilised is based upon the assumption that the decking installation is constructed in accordance with all relevant Australian and  New Zealand standards, in addition to the applicable construction code requirements that may include particular regional requirements.

The sub-structure and decking board installation should also be carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the recognised timber construction associations within the applicable state or territory. Within Australia QUIKLII recommend the resources of WoodSolutions Australia which is an industry initiative designed to provide independent non-proprietary information about timber and wood products -

It should also be noted that adequate ventilation must be provided below the decking. The gaps in the decking boards alone will not provide the required level of ventilation. Cross flow ventilation needs to be provided to ensure that the underside of the boards do not gain moisture due to the damp environment below which can lead to cupping of the decking boards.

QUIKLII™ advise that all decks should be subject to an ongoing seasonal maintenance programme to ensure longevity of the decking boards and sub-structure.


The following answers are in response to the most common questions that we get asked. Please contact us if you have a question that is not covered in this section and we will be happy to provide the answer.

  • Is this an unnecessary additional expense? No – it is a small investment which delivers exceptional gains! How? Firstly, by incorporating DECKSPACER™ the decking boards can be installed quicker than the traditional method, thereby reducing the labour cost encountered during construction. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, DECKSPACER™ provides a permanent spacing mechanism that restricts the warping movement that can potentially occur. This means that consistent spacing will be maintained over time, not just at the time of installation.
  • How does DECKSPACER protect the deck sub-structure? The installation of a deck is an expensive exercise and is therefore not one that you want to repeat regularly. There is a substantial amount of money spent below the decking boards on the sub-structure – and this is generally an area that is no longer accessible once the decking boards are installed. The DECKSPACER™ sits on top of the joist between the decking boards and is curved to ensure that the exposed portion of the joist is protected from any dirt and moisture resting upon the joist which may cause damage in the long run.
  • If I'm going to nail or screw the board to the joist, why add a permanent spacer? Your nail or screw fixing simply fixes the decking boards to the joist – it does not maintain an even spacing between the boards after fixing as the boards will move around during the seasons and over time. The introduction of the permanent spacer between each of the boards ensures that an even gap is maintained and the deck will continue to look like it has just been installed.