DIY Guide

DIY Guide to Installing DECKSPACER™

DECKSPACER™ from QUIKLII™ allows a DIYer to achieve a professional looking deck every time. Simply fit & fix DECKSPACER™ for a trade quality installation in a fraction of the time. The unique patent pending designed spacer locks the decking boards in place during installation, helping to maintain a uniform gap between the boards. The end result is a DIY project that will be the envy of your friends.

DECKSPACER™ is the only permanent spacer on the market that maintains a uniform gap on your deck after installation and continues to protect your deck sub-frame from potentially damaging dirt and water accumulation on the top face of the joists.


Installation could not be simpler!

Step 1Construct your deck sub-frame in accordance with all applicable building code and structural requirements. Ensure that the structure allows for sufficient ventilation to be achieved.
Step 2Begin installation of the decking boards. After the first board is fixed in place, simply place a DECKSPACER™ over each joist against the decking board that has already been fixed in place.
Step 3Place the next decking board hard up against the DECKSPACER™ and fix the board in place.
Step 4Repeat Step 3 – again and again!


With DECKSPACER™ you will save time & cost during installationThe curved DECKSPACER™ will help protect & preserve your investment
DECKSPACER™ will allow you to achieve a trade quality resultThe DECKSPACER™ will sit on the joist between the decking boards
Place the DECKSPACER™ against the previously installed decking boardThe DECKSPACER™ is now in position ready for the next board to be positioned
After positioning each DECKSPACER™ simply slide the next board up against themThe decking board is now ready to be fixed in position utilising your preferred method

You will need to allow 25 spacers for every square metre of decking*.

(*90mm board width with 450mm joist spacing utilising 4mm wide DECKSPACER™. Actual coverage rate may vary depending on installation.)

For further information on how to install DECKSPACER™, please view our video installation guide.

For your convenience (.pdf) versions of product literature available in store are provided here for download: